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eSIM profile delivery platform

Subscription Manager Data Preparation+ (SM-DP+) is software platform which enables MNOs, service providers and anyone else involved in eSIM industry to create and delivery subscriber’s profiles to eSIM supported devices.

Key features and benefits

  • Multi-CI (Certificate Issuer) for worldwide deployment
  • High performance
  • Quick deployment
  • Virtual environment support
  • Flexible API
  • Hardware Security Modules support
  • QR-code generation
  • The SM-DP+ is compliant with GSMA SGP.22 V2.2 RSP Technical Specification

Technical features

  • Creates Profile Packages [i.e. Personalised Profiles, including (IMSI, Ki, ICCID...)] from Profile Descriptions agreed with Operators. This procedure can be an off-line batch or real time process
  • Secures each Profile Package according to the security process of creating the Protected Profile Package
  • Binds the Protected Profile Package to a target eUICC using the security process thus creating the Bound Profile Package
  • Temporarily stores Protected Profile Packages or Bound Profile Packages for subsequent delivery to the eUICC in a Profile Package repository
  • Securely transmits and installs the Bound Profile Package to the eUICC through the LPA. The ES9+ interface is used to provide secure transport for the delivery of the Bound Profile Package between the SM-DP+ and the LPA

SM-DP+/eUICC communication incorporates Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS). Only the target eUICC can decrypt the content of a Bound Profile Package delivered by the SM-DP+. End-to-end communication between the SM-DP+ and the eUICC is protected in terms of integrity, authenticity and confidentiality.