Svyazcom participates in the Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO) competition

16 April 2021

Svyazcom’s software and hardware complex CEIR competes in GLOMO’s Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough.

Svyazcom is admitted into the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

09 February 2021

Joining the ITU opens up new opportunities for us to strengthen our position in the digital market.

Svyazcom.CEIR Platform Efficiency in Uzbekistan Confirmed by State

08 December 2020

The State Acceptance Commission decision on the commissioning of the mobile device accounting and registration system in the Republic of Uzbekistan was signed on November 13, 2020.

Svyazcom.SMS Firewall with Artificial Intelligence module: a new level of security

27 November 2020

Svayzcom is preparing to release a new version of the platform "Svyazcom.SMS Firewall", supplemented with an artificial intelligence module.

SC.SMS Firewall as Reliable Protection Means for Signal Network

30 October 2020

The possibility for simultaneous use of various mechanisms for detecting unwanted traffic and flexible processing logic makes the platform Svyazcom.SMS Firewall a powerful tool for protecting the operator's internal network.

Clustering: increasing the level of fault tolerance in Svyazcom solutions

23 September 2020

Svyazcom is constantly working to improve its quality, so it offers a clustering method as part of its solutions.

Svyazcom CEIR Results in Uzbekistan

24 July 2020

In Uzbekistan it is obligatory to register IMEI codes for all mobile devices. CEIR software and hardware complex developed by Svyazcom has been chosen to fit these needs.

SC.SMS Firewall for Kcell Telecom Operator

16 June 2020

The Svayzcom team has deployed a new module SC.SMS Firewall for Multiplatform in the network of the Kcell telecom operator.

Svyazcom Expands Messaging Hub Functionality

26 May 2020

Svyazcom has installed an SDK for the international messenger service provider GMS.

Svyazcom Messaging Hub Platform Complemented with WhatsApp Mailing Lists

12 May 2020

After extending the SC.Messaging Hub functionality the platform now allows you to send messages to WhatsApp.

Svyazcom Installs Automatic Network Setting Distribution System for Kcell Network

28 April 2020

Since January 2020 the DMS/SMS-Settings module (as part of Svyazcom Multiplatform) has been operating based on the Kcell telecom operator.

SC.Messaging Hub for MTS Telecom Operator

14 April 2020

In January 2020 Svyazcom installed a Messaging Hub system into the MTS Belorussia network.